Spray tanning is the safest, easiest way to achieve a natural-looking tan that you can be proud of. Amino acids in your skin will respond naturally to the DHA and other complimentary ingredients in the tanning formula to produce the most beautiful sunless tan you’ve ever seen.

What is DHA? 

DHA is the active ingredient shared by all spray tanning solutions. It’s a totally natural, completely safe substance derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When DHA and other complementary ingredients are applied to the body, they naturally respond to the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin and change its color to a tan tone that looks great. The tan generally lasts for 7 to 10 days depending on the skin type, activities, and maintenance.

The Tan Tan Room eliminates all of the mess and problems associated with tanning creams and automated spray tanning booths. No more streaky mess, orange palms, or dirty looking knees and elbows. Our solutions are tailored to your individual skin tone and desired look— with unique formulas that can be mixed to achieve your perfect cocktail. Other spray tanning companies only have one or two colors and tend to "glob" it on to achieve varying darkness levels. Our solution is only of the highest quality and won't make your skin look orange or unnatural.

Using medical grade equipment your spray tan will last longer and you will never have to worry about blotchy spots towards the end of the week, which is caused by overspray from a non-medical grade equipment such as  the “reverse vacuum” motors, also known as turbines, which have become the industry standard. Turbines were originally designed for applying paint to wooden furniture, doors, and fences, not people.

What sets us apart?

Attention to details.

We are unique because we use a mini spray gun for tanning the bulk of the body and an artistic airbrush for finer, more detailed work when applying solution to intricate areas, such as the face, hands, and feet. For a realistic looking tan, detailing is super important. Most companies use a big-ol-spray gun powered by a vacuum cleaner motor (mentioned above) and can only spray in wide patterns. Instead of an artistic tanning experience, it's like getting hosed down, leaving you wet and sticky with an "I can't wait to shower" feeling. 


Paraben Free - Gluten Free - 100% Vegan